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 Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, and given the economic catastrophe Bora Bora suffered from the absence of tourists, it seemed necessary to me to act in order to help the most vulnerable residents of the island.

    This is why I am currently donating 1% of my monthly income to the local organisation named ‘Ia Vai Ma Noa Bora Bora’ which includes ‘Le Caddie du Coeur’. The latter is a collecting center which redistributes all kind of products to the families in need : clothes, sanitary products, food, etc.


 The ‘Ia Vai Ma Noa Bora Bora’ organisation goes beyond the help it brings to the community, because they are also very involved in sustainable development thanks to their eco-actions, such as cleaning the lagoon or raising awareness about the protection of the environment with the people of Bora Bora.

Meanwhile, many times we have created charity events with Caroline Tongourian-Vallet, who is also a photographer on Bora Bora. These events consist in putting exhibitions of photographs in various resorts of the island which bring to light the beauty of our island and its people. Therefore, we were able to donate all of the profits to the education and specialized care organisation named ‘Pu Turu Tama Here’ so that they can buy sporting equipment.

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